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Happy 34th Independence Day!!!

Happy 34th Independence Day, Namibia!

Today, as we celebrate the spirit of freedom and unity that defines our nation, the Namibia Estate Agents Board is proud to stand with every Namibian in commemorating this significant milestone. Independence is not only about the freedom we enjoy but also a reminder of the resilience and determination that have shaped our journey.

In the real estate sector, we see the dreams of our forebearers realized with every community built and every home sold, reflecting our nation’s growth and potential. On this day, let us renew our commitment to building a prosperous, inclusive future for all.

Let's cherish our achievements and work together towards the bright future that awaits.

Here's to continued peace, prosperity, and unity for Namibia.

Happy Independence Day!

Warm regards,

Namibia Estate Agents Board (NEAB)


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