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Auditors for Estate Agents

Section 29 and Section 32 of the Estate Agents Act make references to the duty of estate agents to keep financial records (including records for a trust account), and that these financial records must be audited by an auditor.

The Act defines an auditor as such: “auditor” means any person registered in terms of section 23 of the Public Accountants’ and Auditors’ Act, 1951 (Act 51 of 1951 as amended), as an accountant and auditor, and engaged in public practice as such.

Audited financial statements are part of the requirements for being issued with the annual licence to practice as an Estate Agent by the Namibia Estate Agents Board

Preparation for the Audit

  • Estate Agent keeps financial records (with the help of a bookkeeper/accountant if necessary)

  • An accountant prepares financial statements from financial records.

  • Auditor audits financial statements and expresses an opinion on the reliability/accuracy of the financial statements, which speaks to the health of the business and the financial stewardship of the estate agent.

  • Note: Accountants and auditors cannot be the same person; while auditors CAN do the work of accountants, they are not allowed to audit the same financial statements they prepared.

List of Auditing Firms

Please Click Here for a list of all registered auditors that we recommend Estate Agents use.


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