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CLOSURE: 4 U Properties by NEAB on the 13th December 2022

The above subject matter has reference:

1. Please note that the Namibia Estate Agents Board (hereinafter referred to as NEAB) closed down 4 U Properties based on numerous complaints received by members of the public. The closure was also necessitated in order to stop 4 U Properties and its Principal Estate Agent, Mr. Ryno Du Plessis, from receiving money from the public on existing lease agreements and from paying out any money on behalf of 4 U Properties.

2. Mr. Ryno Du Plessis of 4 U Properties has been instructed to deregister 4 U Properties in terms of section 32(7), which inter alia entails that he submits a letter from his bank confirming the closure of business and trust accounts of 4 U Properties.

3. We have received credible information that Mr. Ryno Du Plessis is working with Mr. Chris Thiart of Thiart Properties Investments cc, and that all clients of 4 U Properties (landlords and tenants) have been unknowingly and without their express knowledge and (or) consent been handed to Thiart Properties Investments cc as their managing agents.

4. It is with the above in mind that we write this missive to you to inform you the following:

- 4 U Properties is no longer in existence, therefore Landlords are requested to terminate their mandates with 4 U Properties, and find another estate agency to manage their affairs, and communicate such to their tenants.

- All tenants are requested to cease all communication and payments to 4 U Properties, such communication and payments should be made directly to the Landlords,

- All Landlords are hereby informed that they are free to choose any estate agency, and not necessarily with Mr. Chris Thiart of Thiart Properties Investments cc to manage their affairs.

- The NEAB is in the process of approaching the High Court to prohibit 4 U Properties to operate in any way their trust, savings, or other interest-bearing account.

- The NEAB will communicate the closure of 4 U Properties through local daily newspapers and other forms of media to inform the members of the public accordingly.

I trust that you will find the above in order. For any information and (or) clarity, please do not hesitate to contact the writer hereof.

Please view the official letter by clicking on this link:

Festus Unengu

Manager: Namibia Estate Agents Board


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