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Namibia Estate Agents Board at the FNB Estate Agents Information Session - 11 June 2024!

The Namibia Estate Agents Board (NEAB) recently participated in the First National Bank of Namibia (FNB) Estate Agents Information Session. This event brought together key stakeholders in the real estate industry to discuss regulatory frameworks, industry standards, and best practices. NEAB used this platform to share crucial information about its mandate, powers, and regulations governing estate agents in Namibia.

Mandate of the Namibia Estate Agents Board

NEAB's primary responsibilities include:

  • Preparation and Administration of NEAB Examinations: Ensuring estate agents meet the necessary qualifications.

  • Issuing Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFCs): Certifying qualifying applicants to legitimize their practice.

  • Education and Training: Providing continuous professional development (CPD) for estate agents.

  • Conducting Disciplinary Hearings: Addressing complaints and enforcing compliance.

  • Ensuring Compliance: Monitoring adherence to the Act and regulations.

  • Increasing Stakeholder Awareness: Promoting understanding of industry standards and practices.

  • Managing the Fidelity Fund: Overseeing the fund that protects clients from financial loss due to agent misconduct.

  • Regulatory Role in FIA Reporting: Monitoring and reporting on money laundering and terrorist funding activities.


Powers of the Board (Section 8)

Section 8 of the Estate Agents Act grants NEAB several powers, including the ability to:

  • Appoint Committees: Form groups, with Cabinet approval, that can include non-board members.

  • Advise on Matters: Provide guidance on issues within the board's jurisdiction.

  • Establish a Code of Conduct: Develop and enforce standards for estate agents.

  • Improve Training Standards: Promote better education and service quality among estate agents.

  • Handle Exemption Applications: Process requests for exemption from specific Act provisions.

  • Take Necessary Actions: Perform acts needed to achieve the board’s objectives.


Applications for and Issue of Fidelity Fund Certificates (Section 16)

Section 16 outlines the process for obtaining a Fidelity Fund Certificate:

  1. Application Submission: Estate agents must apply within the prescribed period, including the necessary levy and contribution.

  2. Issuance of Certificates: If applicants meet all requirements, NEAB issues a Fidelity Fund Certificate or a registration certificate, valid until December 31 of the application year.

  3. Compliance Requirement: Certificates are only issued if all Act provisions are met. Invalid certificates must be returned to the board upon request.


Prohibition of Rendering Services in Certain Circumstances (Section 26)

Section 26 prohibits estate agents from performing their duties unless:

  • Valid FFCs: They hold a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate, as do all employed estate agents and company directors.

  • Fidelity Insurance: They have adequate fidelity insurance for all employees.



NEAB’s participation in the FNB Estate Agents Information Session highlights its commitment to maintaining high standards and professionalism in the Namibian real estate sector. By educating estate agents and the public on compliance and ethical practices, NEAB aims to enhance industry credibility and protect consumer interests.


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